A plant that is specialized in wood

Tryba Bernsdorfer was founded in 1910. Today, it is located in Kamenz, Germany. Formerly called Holzbauwerke Otto Schneider, the factory was located in Bernsdorf, Germany. It was specialized in the manufacturing of wooden houses, aircraft halls and furniture.

1945 The factory had to be dismantled by order of the Soviet Military Administration in Germany. However, this action was strongly contested by the locals. At that time, the site manufactured windows with double glazing under the brand name "Thermofenster": 94,000 windows were produced.

2001The production site is integrated into the group.

2007 The plant installed a new machining center for the production of single parts with an improved color layer structure and improved surface coatings. The company started then the production of the wood/aluminium window TBA Protect 80. 

Today, we have a total of 54 employees. Tryba Bernsdorfer manufactures wooden and wooden-aluminium windows with high thermal performance and eco-responsible products. We manufacture windows, patio doors and entrance doors. The wood material allows us to reproduce identical woodwork in the framework of classified monuments.