AT Partner’s history

The AT PARTNER group, made up of 6 leading brands in joinery, offers solutions for your home: windows, doors, shutters, garage doors, interior and exterior joinery.

AT Partner started within the TRYBA Group: Johannes TRYBA became a joiner, just like his father and grandfather. The joiner's trade became his passion.

1980 Johannes TRYBA started the production of PVC windows in Gundershoffen in Alsace, in a 1200 m² building with 15 employees. In the first months, 20 windows were produced per day: this was the beginning of TRYBA in France.

1984 TRYBA designs its first range of profiles distributed under the brand name SOPROFEN. The first TRYBA advice areas are opened and a dealership network is created.

1988 The manufacturing processes are automated

1995 TRYBA creates an insulating glass production unit. A training center is also set up for the distributors as well as for all the employees. The brand grows and is a part of all market segments. In order to develop the European dimension of the group, the brand targeted acquisitions and created several manufacturing units in France, Switzerland and Germany.

From ATRYA to AT Partner

2004 The TRYBA group takes the name of ATRYA and develops its product range: verandas, garage doors, solar protection and renewable energy heating systems. Norba represents the Group's construction division.

Since then, ATRYA has continued its expansion in Switzerland, France, Germany and Belgium.

2008 ATRYA set up the TRYBA Corporate Foundation "A World for Children". It supports projects in Asia, particularly in Vietnam and France

2018 The ATRYA group decides to refocus on its core business and operates a managerial transition to prepare the succession of its founder Johannes TRYBA.
In October, the family group sells its roller shutters and garage doors division. The aim is to make the group more responsive by simplifying its structure and refocusing on its core business: windows.

The AT PARTNER group was formed thanks to the union of the " B to B " and " Construction Site " Divisions of the ATRYA group.

The new BtoB division created by Johannes Tryba and Lars Platow includes brands that are specialized in the manufacture and marketing of joinery dedicated to professionals. ATRYA includes BtoC activities dedicated to individual customers

 AT Partner totals 7 manufacturing sites for windows, doors, PVC, ALUMINIUM, WOOD and roller shutters in Europe.

The CEO of AT Partner becomes the majority shareholder. ATRYA keeps a 49% stake

Since then, AT PARTNER has continued its development. After having integrated NORBA in 2019, it is now the turn of ISOFRANCE FENETRES & ENERGIES and its dealers to join this new dynamic and ambitious group.

In 2020, AT PARTNER develops its building site activity with the creation of two new NORBA companies. NORBA Ile-de-France Ouest and NORBA Nord - Pas de Calais have joined the ranks of the building site activity to be closer to its customers.

AT PARTNER currently employs 600 people on its different brands (AMCC - AMGO - CLOSY - NORBA - ISOFRANCE - PORTE-FENETRE) and its 7 production sites in Europe (including 3 in France). Its 2023 turnover was 150 million euros.

amcc amgo closy 

Norba isofrance

A successful digital transformation 

In the coming years, customer satisfaction will be at the core of our strategy: AT Partner products are often associated with well-being, safety and energy savings. The methods of consumption have evolved and AT Partner provides innovative tools to its customers. An online sales website for joinery has been created:

For B2B customers, AT Partner centralizes information that can be accessed from anywhere for its customers, as the product ranges are digitally modeled.

AT Partner has a commercial distribution strategy based on different brands which are specialized in the design, production and distribution of windows, doors and roller shutters. This makes AT Partner a leader in industrial joinery in Europe. 


A human dimension 

It is the value of people that guarantees the value of our joinery and doors, our service, our organization, our work, our company. We attach the greatest importance to the competence of our staff, because we deeply believe that a company is, above all, a human adventure, and that success is essentially based on the men and women who make it happen. Employees who combine knowledge, know-how and interpersonal skills can fully satisfy our customers by offering them the best products and services. Subsequently, satisfied customers are prepared to pay the right price, which guarantees a necessary margin and an indispensable profit that we reinvest, year after year, in the development of the company and its ranges, for the benefit of the customer. In this way, we can claim that our culture is entirely centered on the human, the customer and the collaborator.

Lars Platow, CEO.