Online sales

The digital world is in constant evolution. Today, an ever greater reactivity is necessary and we have developed our brand through a website:  

Our brand offers high quality joinery with fast manufacturing and delivery times while maintaining all the customizations that customers want. 

Made in France products

Our products are exclusively developed and manufactured in France in order to offer premium quality and adapted prices thanks to ultra efficient industrial tools. The French certifications ensure you a high quality product guaranteed by independent organizations. (NF, CSTBat, CE, CEKAL, Acotherm certifications). 

Our joineries are manufactured on our AMCC and FIA sites and offer adapted prices and very fast delivery on all our models. 

Since 1947, the AMCC factory has been one of the most efficient industrial production centers on the French and European market. The second production site for PVC joinery, FIA  is based at La Cavalerie near Millau in Occitania.