A plant that is specialized in PVC

The AMCC Windows and Doors (Atelier de Menuiserie et de Charpente du Centre) plant was created in 1947 and is specialized in PVC. The plant has different manufacturing steps such as : unloading of profiles, welding, deburring, fitting, glazing and packing. It offers a wide range of tailor-made products and the joineries meet the requirements of carpenters in the field of renovation or new constructions. The manufactured joineries, certified by French labels, are suitable for all types of housing: individual houses, hotels, hospitals or schools. The high-performance production tool dedicated to industrial customization offers premium quality and adapted prices. 

With 500 windows and doors manufactured every day and 120 employees, the AMCC factory extends over 100,000 m² including 25,000 m² under a roof. 


Innovative products

In 2015, the ALYA window is launched: a mixed window that combines PVC and Aluminium to keep only the advantages: like this, optimal thermal insulation qualities and reinforced airtightness with a unique style are combined. AMCC's Alya Excellence range enables all architectural achievements to combine, at a lower cost, the aesthetic and colorful elegance of aluminum with the performance of PVC. The particularity of the windows lies in the glueing technique of the glazing, which provides optimal daylight. The Alya windows are based on discretion and high quality finishing touches: they have optimal thermal insulation and reinforced airtightness at an attractive price, thanks to the combination of PVC and Aluminum.

In addition, the ADV (Sales Administration) division provides a single order entry point for all plants. 

The AMCC plant is at the cutting edge of technology: it has robotic hardware but also produces bi-material windows that combine PVC and aluminium, so that only the advantages are retained. Due to the high quality of the products, the AMCC plant is constantly developing.


A team at the service of our customers

It is on the CHATEAUROUX site that we process all our customers' orders. The 18 employees of the ADV (sales administration) department are present to take into account the orders until the delivery of the joineries.