AMCC Windows and doors

Independent joiners and retailers

Created in 1947, the AMCC company (Atelier de Menuiseries et de Charpentes du Centre) is one of the most competitive manufacturers of industrial joinery on the market. The AMCC production plant was created and specialized in the manufacture of wood frames, while participating in post-war reconstruction programs. As early as 1960, the AMCC production site became a precursor in the use of PVC and signed the first PVC window in France, then became one of the first companies to manufacture joinery of this material. In 1969, the company expanded and started to be a part of the construction market of large real estate complexes.  

In the 80's, the brand began to focus on export by taking part in major French construction sites abroad and joined the BtoB division of the ATRYA group in 1996. 

For many years, AMCC has therefore been dedicated to promoting joinery products to renovation professionals, offering different manufacturing techniques with many customizable options on the windows. The joineries are intended for resellers and independent carpenters. They resell joineries with or without a showroom as craftsmen.

From the beginning to the end of the project, the company accompanies them up to the final installation and guarantees a high quality that is unique on the market. The company associates strong values to its success: agility, simplicity, speed and performance. AMCC provides high quality products and a certified product range. This is what makes AMCC different from its competitors in terms of performance and thermal insulation of its joineries.

AMCC has been a part of the AT Partner group since 2018 and does eits outmost to offer the best product quality.

AMCC Club, a customer loyalty concept

In 2008, the company created the AMCC club in order to support the most ambitious resellers. They will benefit from numerous advantages through a privileged partnership. The AMCC club also meets a need for autonomy, identity and sales promotion expressed by a number of their customers. The club members all share their passion, their knowledge and skills. Furthermore, they benefit from assistance in their daily activities or events, while maintaining their independence.