Social Commitment

Alongside ATRYA, AT Partner is strongly committed to many associations with various employees: volunteer work, sales, English classes, sponsorships, donations...

Tryba – A World for Children

"A World For Children" works for the protection of disadvantaged children in Vietnam and Burkina Faso. Since 2011, ATRYA and AT Partner employees have been travelling to Ho Chi Minh City to give English lessons to students.
In addition, various objects are collected during events, in order to sell them at a clearance sale. Then, the collected money is used in order to pay for future projects. The different companies of the group as well as the employees can participate. The group also helps local cultural, humanitarian and sports associations, in which employees or their families are directly involved. 

La Journée du Cœur 

Every year, employees volunteer to take part in "La Journée du Coeur": a day that enables employees to invest some of their time in a project chosen by a local association. The principle is simple: half a day is donated by the employee and half a day is donated by the company.

La Braderie

Every year, the companies and employees organize an annual sale, for which many dealers are invited to send material and personal objects for sale: doors, windows, furniture, books, toys etc. The Tryba - A World for Children stand offers handcrafted products and informs visitors about the actions of the endowment fund.

L’association Espérance 

The Association Espérance is located in Woerth, and works for poor populations, mainly in Rumania. Every year for one week, a team of volunteers renovate houses and buildings. The windows and doors, donated by the Group, are brought in on a voluntary basis. 
In 2017, they renovated a hospital’s cardiology department building and installed sanitary facilities in a few rooms. They also renovated and expanded a house for a poor family of 8 people