Interior and exterior joinery for the construction area

AT Partner's construction area is under the NORBA Joinery brand. We offer our customers the management of interior and exterior joinery via its 9 regional subsidiaries in France

The marketing and animation of the network includes 9 agencies: 

  • Norba Lorraine SARL 
  • Norba Nord Pas-de-Calais 
  • Norba Île de France Nord 
  • Norba Île de France Ouest 
  • Nora Île de France Sud SARL 
  • Norba Pays de Loire SARL 
  • Norba Rhône Alpes SARL 
  • Norba Normandie SARL 
  • Norba Var Côte d’Azur SARL 

Norba represents every year 1,500 construction sites, 20,000 homes, 40,000 closets, 50,000 windows and doors, 80,000 interior doors, 400 km of baseboards and more than 3 million screws. In France, as in Switzerland, We offer a wide range of joinery products to meet a wide variety of requirements: renovation or rehabilitation of empty or occupied buildings. We have been working alongside our customers for many years to properly identify their needs and guide them towards the best option at the best cost. The brand also complies with new construction and environmental standards with highly developed products.

A brand that cares about the environment

Nowadays, NORBA guides and accompanies you in all your building site projects, and it is its top priority to take up the energy and environmental challenges by offering certified products. With their specialized teams and their specific products, Norba gives a great deal of importance to the recycling of windows, the creation of a dedicated waste disposal center and the replacement with lacquering instead of paint on the doors. The lacquering is made with water-dilutable products because this causes less toxic discharges. 

Norba brings many quality services to its customers and thus proves its status as a reference in the joinery segment. Today, the company has 12 local structures throughout France and Switzerland thanks to its experience in joinery for more than 30 years. Norba demonstrates its unquestionable know-how in the joinery segment which enables the company to be a major player in the market of windows for large building sites and to be one of the leaders in France and Switzerland. The company relies on important values such as professionalism, competitiveness, autonomy, solidarity, honesty and humility.  

Our brand offers personalized advice during the elaboration of production specifications, total personalization with a tailor-made design of the joinery, rigorous monitoring of construction sites and deadlines, as well as a maintenance and upkeep service to ensure the proper functioning of the joinery.